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Supreme Diamond
Supreme Diamond Powder abrasives
Supreme Diamond Powder abrasives
SUPREME Diamond Micron PowdersTM are made with high quality monocrystalline diamond undergoing a closely controlled process of crushing, shaping, and sieving. Our diamond grit boasts of top quality - well-shaped, evenly distributed, and highly wear resistant. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, electronics, aviation and space flight, optical instrument, glass, ceramic, oil, and geological drilling for the purposes.
1) Grinding, honing, and polishing alloy, glass, ceramic, gem stone, and so on;
2) Making solid polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline diamond compacts, and other PCD products;
3) Coating the surface of a workpiece to enhance its wear and abrasion resistance ability.
SUPREME Synthetic Diamond Micron PowdersTM Standard Micron Sizes
0-0.5 0-1 0.5-1 0.5-1.5 0-2 1-3 2-4 3-5
3-6 4-8 5-10 6-12 8-12 10-20 12-22 15-25
20-30 22-36 30-40 36-54 40-60      
*Other micron sizes available per customers' requirements