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Supreme PDC Cutters For Oil/Gas Drilling And Mining Bits
Supreme PDC Cutters For Oil/Gas Drilling And Mining Bits
SUPREME Polycrystalline Diamond CompositesTM (SUPREME PDCTM) rock cutting blanks consist of a polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature. SUPREME PDCTM are produced with carefully chosen high-quality industrial diamond and tungsten carbide materials as well as advanced synthesizing technology. Combining the strengths of both diamond and tungsten carbide, SUPREME PDCTM possesses extremely high abrasion resistance and extremely strong impact resistance ability. Versatile in applications, SUPREME PDCTM is widely used for various drilling tools such as petroleum bits, mining bits, geological drilling bits, and other rock cutting and processing tools.
1.  SSI Series: Flat interface PDC, suitable for drilling bits for low and medium hard rock formations.
Product Code Specification
D(mm) H(mm)
SSI 0804 8.00 4.00
SSI 0808 8.00 8.00
SSI 1304 13.30 4.50
SSI 1308 13.44 8.00
Diamond layer at about 0.7mm
2.  SSII Series: Flat and non-planar interface PDC, with high level of hardness and abrasion resistance ability, suitable for oil and geological drilling bits, rock cutting bits, and stone processing tools.
Product Code Specification


ball surface PDC

D ( mm ) H ( mm )
SSII 0803 8.00 3.53
SSII 0808 8.00 8.00
SSII 1004 10.00 4.50
SSII 1008 10.00 8.00
SSII 1304 13.30 4.50
SSII 1308 13.44 8.00
SSII 1313 13.44 13.20
SSII 1610 16.00 10.00
SSII 1613 16.00 13.20
SSII 1908 19.05 8.00
SSII 1910 19.05 10.00
SSII 1913 19.05 13.20
SSII 1916 19.05 16.31
SSII 1919 19.05 19.00
Diamond layer t = 1 mm. Maximum thickness can be processed to 3 mm.
The standard shape of SUPREME PDCTM is round ; othershapes, such as rectangle, triangle, square, semi-circle and so on, can also be custom-made per customers' requirements. We will contact you promptly upon receiving your SUPREME Products Request Form.